Monday, 17 May 2010

Hello M. name is Violet Lake... know the scene...Ursula Andress emerging from the sea in that white bikini...a look we all hope we emulate as we emerge from the shallows on our hols. Some of us less successfully than others (more running, less toast, more running, less toast). Thankfully some help is at hand with the launch of Violet Lake – a gorgeous swimwear brand which has been created to give women glamorous flattering bikinis which fit and can be worn in an almost endless combination of ways. Each of the four styles of top and bottom comes in eight complementary colours which if you’re lucky enough to own the full collection would give you 1,024 different bikinis. Now that’s what I call choice. All the bikinis are aptly named after Bond girls which just adds to the Riviera gorgeousness.

Check out their fantastic website which has an ingenious bikini mixer to show you how your particular combo choice would look. Well it shows you how it would look on their utterly beautiful Victoria’s Secret model…more running, less toast…

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