Friday, 28 May 2010

Nest Goodies

I'm looking for a flat to buy and find myself coveting things I've never really thought about before...nesting I think it's called. A perfect source of inspiration is Nest Goodies a gorgeous blog that picks out gorgeous things for your home. I'm loving the Sleepy Owl Hooks Natalie wrote about yesterday (how very appropriate that wise owls are in)and I defy you to make a visit without finding something you find yourself wanting very, very much.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Den Kit - High Street Dreams

As an aunt to 6 nephews ranging between 5 and 11, I was thrilled to hear about The Den Kit on High Street Dreams with Jo Malone and Nick Leslau last night. That age group of boys are impossible - finding gift ideas that they haven't already been given 5 of at their last birthday party or think is utterly dull is like the quest for the Holy Grail. Are they just warming up for the endless birthdays and Christmases to come when really all they want is list of books from Amazon?

But I think I've found the answer to all my Christmas gifts! If you missed the programme, the kit is a cool green napsack containing all you need to create a hideaway in the woods (or maybe just at the bottom of the garden) - rope, tarpaulin, cammo pain, tin cup, mallet, pegs etc...all that's missing is a bow and arrow.

I love it because it gets children outside...away from their computers, the wii, covered in mud, learning about wildlife, having proper fun. Just as it should be.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Hello M. name is Violet Lake... know the scene...Ursula Andress emerging from the sea in that white bikini...a look we all hope we emulate as we emerge from the shallows on our hols. Some of us less successfully than others (more running, less toast, more running, less toast). Thankfully some help is at hand with the launch of Violet Lake – a gorgeous swimwear brand which has been created to give women glamorous flattering bikinis which fit and can be worn in an almost endless combination of ways. Each of the four styles of top and bottom comes in eight complementary colours which if you’re lucky enough to own the full collection would give you 1,024 different bikinis. Now that’s what I call choice. All the bikinis are aptly named after Bond girls which just adds to the Riviera gorgeousness.

Check out their fantastic website which has an ingenious bikini mixer to show you how your particular combo choice would look. Well it shows you how it would look on their utterly beautiful Victoria’s Secret model…more running, less toast…

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mirror Mirror

It's not for the faint hearted but I am very excited about the latest piece from iconic British designer, Jake Phipps.

His new Stellar mirror is a statement piece to the extreme, but what an awesome statement to make. I love the fact that it's as much (maybe more?) about the frame than the reflection staring back and the multi facets means it will throw light and shadows around the room - an ever changing artwork in itself.

Mirror, mirror, this surely is the fairest on the wall?

Monday, 10 May 2010

100 Days: Sketched in Marble

It was snowing in Devon this weekend. Or that's how it looked when I was in the garden of sculptor William Peers...a magical layer of white covered the trees and grass - even the bluebells. But this wasn't snow, it was the pure white dust coming from the sculptures emerging from the rough marble blocks in his studio.

Peers has recently opened an exhibition of 100 sculptures created in 100 days at the John Martin Gallery in London and I think we need to get in there quick if we want to take one of these beauties home. Hints of Hepworth, Brancusi and Moore are clear in the - I have to touch this - curves of his works. They're the kind of piece that you want to rest your hand on while you try and untie the knots in your head. We all need one of these - justify it as therapy to your bank manager.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Rag & Bone on Kings Road - Surely Not?

I regret to admit, I am old enough to remember the rag and bone man who used to visit our street in W2 with his horse and cart. Sadly this sight and his cry of 'old metal' (more 'ohmeaaaaaal' actually) is long gone from the streets of London.

Fantastic then to find a homage to the ingenuity and conservational practice of these traders in the form of a pop-up shop in Bluebird, Kings Road. Rag & Bone is the British born, NY raised fashion baby of David Neville and Marcus Wainwright and for a limited time we can get access to their ultra wearable, downtown-chic collection in the gorgeous Bluebird garage.

Their launch party last night saw the founders' public school mates in their suits rubbing shoulders with a seriously beautiful, far too cool for school, crowd.

We particularly coveted a gorgeously soft stripy jacket and the most glam cardigan/jacket I've seen. Well worth a visit - I recommend a early evening trip followed by cocktails upstairs in the Bluebird bar...with all that art deco glamour, we could almost be in Manhattan.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Moth Boxing

Ok, so it's not exactly balmy spring weather at the moment but no one can deny how gorgeous everything is looking - as the cherry blossom fades the apple blossom is taking over and the chestnut trees and lilacs look heavenly.

There is one fly in the ointment though. Or rather a moth. Or two, or hundred! I have a true paranoia of the little creatures and can't express enough gratitude to Total Wardrobe Care who seem to have solved the problem this year. All you need is a couple of moth boxes (to catch the blighters when they're hatched) and some of their scented oil to stop them laying in the first place.

I hate the idea that I might be speaking too soon but (whisper) I haven't seen a moth yet...

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Election XX

Has anyone else noticed the rather brilliant choice of music for the BBC's election coverage? It's almost the best bit about the whole - frustratingly undynamic - campaign...can't one of them put their head above the parapet?
Rant aside, the band are called The XX and are popping up at festivals all over the place this summer. If you haven't got tickets to any of these, download their eponymous album on i-tunes, turn lights low, volume up and enjoy.