Monday, 10 May 2010

100 Days: Sketched in Marble

It was snowing in Devon this weekend. Or that's how it looked when I was in the garden of sculptor William Peers...a magical layer of white covered the trees and grass - even the bluebells. But this wasn't snow, it was the pure white dust coming from the sculptures emerging from the rough marble blocks in his studio.

Peers has recently opened an exhibition of 100 sculptures created in 100 days at the John Martin Gallery in London and I think we need to get in there quick if we want to take one of these beauties home. Hints of Hepworth, Brancusi and Moore are clear in the - I have to touch this - curves of his works. They're the kind of piece that you want to rest your hand on while you try and untie the knots in your head. We all need one of these - justify it as therapy to your bank manager.

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