Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Union Jacks - so 2009 or here til the Olympics?

We have an ongoing debate in the office about Union Jacks...were they last year's BIG thing or is the great flag going to be plastered on everything until 2012? It's not that I don't love our flag - it has to be the coolest of all (am I the only person to have only just realised it's the cross of St. George over the cross of St. Andrew? Don't laugh. And more importantly where's the Welsh Dragon?!) but I just am feeling it's being abused a bit - and perhaps losing its majesty. Having said that I have found some things I still think are gorgeous and the word on the retail street is that it IS here for the foreseeable future as we get passionately patriotic for the Olympics. Rule Britannia I say.

Brit Clutch Zip Wallet from Aspinal

Union Jack Wash Bag from The Handpicked Collection

Mini Union Jack Keyring from Accessorise

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