Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Secret from Saigon - Cochine

I'm very excited to write about this one, as I've watched the brand grow from an idea into simply the most covetable, yummily luxurious range of home scents. Cochine is a new collection of fragrances which have been translated into hand wash and body lotion, reed diffusers and candles - all presented in packaging that's so beautiful you can't throw it away. The scents are all of Vietnamese origin and each one is worthy of being a stand alone scent to wear. I think I might be one of the fussiest people on this planet when it comes to perfume (I can name 5 that I would even consider wearing and I am one of those irritating people who will sit down next to you on the plane having tried everything on in duty free)so I am eagerly awaiting the launch of Cochine Eau de Parfum. I can't decide if it's the soft, fresh floral Water Hyacinth and Lime Blossom, the richer, oh so feminine, Vietnamese Rose and Delentii or the heady summer garden that is the Gardenia and White Jasmine that tickles me most. But all of them make me want to woop with joy! Really!

They should be retailing soon in the this space.

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